AsasGostar Shargh

  • TatMall Project|Tehran
  • TatMall Project|Tehran
  • TatMall Project|Tehran
  • Project 200 housing units in parand
  • Construction of sports hall in Parand
  • Tunnel construction
About Company
Established in 2004, Asas Gostar Shargh International (A.G.S) is registered in the organization for Tehran’s company registration under the identification number 239043. The company has the following objectives:
1- As a center for research, technology, and production this company aims at improving the country’s civil construction industry by employing domestic facilities, knowledge and experience on one hand, and approved foreign technology on the other.
2- Participate in prominent projects in terms of engineering, procurement, and construction (E.P.C) by facilitating the nation’s great capitals (specialized human resources, its ample raw materials, and machinery) to help realize not only the nation’s independency, but also provide engineering expertise outside of the country.
3- Create real job opportunities and provide healthy workplace by choosing from a vast pool of nation’s youth and with the vision to improve the society.
4- The company’s slogan is "honesty, quality, and speed”, and as a member of Pars Eram Group, it has also adapted the slogan of its parent company, which is "we work 24 hours a day”.
5- The company has been successful in achieving its high ambitions in research, engineering, construction, and training human resources, as it has engineered as well as constructed some large-scale projects both in and out of the country.
6-As a symbol of the nation’s capabilities and independency, we hope that this company remains strong in pursuing its goals for the years to come.