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About Company

The company was registered as the main subsidiary of G.T.S, a company in Kazakhstan, whose activities include:
1- Review and study of the potential and capabilities of the country of Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries of the C.I.S.
2- Participate in major projects and sub constructions such as:
1-Design, construction and operation of a large center for the collection, maintenance and processing of various types of fruits, legumes, vegetables, agricultural inputs, mills, meat and juice industries.
2- Establishment and facilitating operation of 3000 varieties of livestock, expandable up to 30,000 heads.
3-Modern agriculture for livestock feeding, at levels and phases of 5000 hectares.
4-Modern fruit gardening in phases of 1000 hectares.
5-Exploration and mining of copper, iron, aluminum, cobalt and zinc.
6-Mining of decorative and building stones.
7-Establishing factories for building stone, metal industries and construction and industrial structures.
8-Establishing an international transportation network using Pars Eram Group's parent company.
9-Funding and financing of projects.
10-General trade, import and export.