Parvan Complex

About Company

Panj Gole Parvan Agro-industry was established in 2007 and is registered in the organization for Tehran’s company registration under the identification number 317325. The objective of this factory is to get actively involved – both in and out of country – in the following fields: scientific and mechanized agriculture, horticulture, intensive animal farming, food processing industry, and beverage industry.
With the help of an expert panel, who not only provided timely research and executive plans, but also made use of expert collogues, who relentlessly worked to equip the factory with major modern machineries, this line of business succeeded in opening seven modern factories for the production of processed food, agriculture, and beverages, using the latest technologies and techniques. In addition to our domestic production, this company aims to acquire vast agricultural areas outside of the country.
As one of the companies belonging to Pars Eram Group, Panj Gole Parvan has adopted the slogan "honesty, quality, and from farm to table”. Like its parent company and in order to offer a healthy workplace and promote an independent production, this business lives up to its other motto, which is "we work 24 hours a day”.